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Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Imagine that you are sitting in front of the television, but you are not the one who is holding the remote control. You can't choose what to watch and you don’t know who is the one choosing for you. Sometimes what is shown to you is a comedy, but sometimes it is a horror movie or a drama.

You are obviously affected by the contents that are being shown to you, physically and emotionally. If you watch a comedy you laugh, if you watch a horror movie you get scared and if you watch a drama you might get sad or even cry.

What if the one who is holding the remote control decides that you are going to watch only horror? Imagine how it might be, sitting hours in front of the television, feeling scared, anxious and upset, without the ability to change the channel.

Now, we are going to use this metaphor for the thing that I really want to talk to you about, your consciousness.

The screen of the television is your consciousness and the remote control is your awareness.

When you are not aware, you can't change what is being shown to you. Our consciousness constantly shows us horror movies, so much of our time we are busy worrying about the future: waiting for something to go wrong, afraid that we will lose something that we achieved or that we won't get something that we want. So much anxiety lives in our inner television, on an everyday basis.

No one can be in their power when they are being controlled by their unaware mind. We have to have the remote control in our hands so we can change the channel.

Awareness to our inner television, to our thoughts and our automatic patterns is the thing that will help you change the channel and start creating new beautiful scripts.

I am here to guide you so you will be the hero in the story that you choose to live.

We are going to bring the power back to you.

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