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Inspiration Poems



My dear sister, hear my voice,

For a secret I must impart,

Of the fire that burns within you,

And the power of your heart.
Do not be afraid of your fire
For it's your power and your light,
It's the passion that drives you,
And the love that guides you right.
For every witch that was burned at the stake
A thousand more rise in her wake
Their spirit lives on in us all
And their power, we recall
Rise up my sister rise
Let the world see the flames burning through your eyes
Sing your fire. Dance your fire, let it be
Passion to your life it will bring, you'll see
The flame is aiming to the sky, just like your soul
Awakening of the feminine power, this is our true goal.


Magic is the art of the unknown

it is always more than what is shown

you see, magic is all around

Whispers to us from every sound

it is a secret force,

That connects us to the source,

magic is a guiding light,

That can help us even through the darkest night.

You can choose to wake up dear

Look, it is not far, magic is right here.


The nature of consciousness is often unseen,

But it holds your beliefs and thoughts deep within.

Awareness will help you to make the change,

It will show you the way to get out of the cage

If the exit to the maze you are asking to find

you must be aware of the thoughts in your mind,

Stop worry about the future and past

Come back to the present moment- this is a must.

My dear, listen carefully- now is the hour 

To gain your strength back and be in your power 

Awareness is the light that will show you the way,

To get out of this loop and write a new play.

your awareness will help you break free,

To be the amazing goddess that you're meant to be.

Getting control of your thoughts will help you be brave,

To be a free wild woman and get out of the cave

My love you deserve to be free

Awareness is the light in the darkness, this is the key.


In a world full of mysteries untold,

We journey through life, getting old,

With doubts and fears, we ask to find the way,

But what if I told you, it's all just a play?

here is a secret - life is a dream

Like Alice in Wonderland, it might seem extreme,

You can dance with the flowers, laugh with the trees,

Chase your own dreams, live life with ease,

Create your story, make it your own,

In this dream-like world, don’t believe to what is shown

go ahead, take that leap of faith,

And make this dream-like world, yours to create.

Everything is possible, say yes and take the chance

Embrace this dream, let your spirit dance,

For in this playground called life, you can choose to wake up

Its Alice's tee party honey, eat a cake, fill up your cup.


In stillness I find peace

 deep within i know.

 My spirit is released.

all is one

as above so the below

A connection to the light.

Exploring the depths of my soul,

A journey of spiritual insight.

i know now, all is love

and love is all

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