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Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Magic is way beyond what we have been taught to associate it with.

You see love,

The one most important thing that you need to know about magic is, IT IS ALWAYS HERE.

Magic is way beyond what we have been taught to associate it with.

Here, try it yourself, when you think of the word magic, what comes to your mind?

Do you think of a witch, or a spell, maybe the expression "black magic"; comes to your mind.

Maybe there is a cat running away or a raven flying. The word "magic"; can, of course, be also connected with more positive ideas, like the association of Harry Potter maybe, or the good fairy from Cinderella, turning the pumpkin into a carriage. But in all of these, we think of magic as something super natural, out of normal, and definitely not something that is part of the daily life of a regular person.

You see love, that is exactly the big mistake most of us make. We took magic and put it far far away, In the children's fairy tales or in the closet of the dark and forbidden, guarded by spider webs and three headed dragons. It is about time we claim magic back to where it belongs, to the present moment and inside of us.

I am going to help you to wake up into seeing magic. Because like I said, it is always here, so we don’t need to call it or to create it. All we have to do is to open our eyes so we can see it, it is right here; we just became blind to it by taking everything for grunted.

We can always look at the world from two perspectives, the magical or the normal, and I want you to move slowly slowly from seeing things as normal, to seeing things as magical.

Take yourself for example; what can be more magical than your own existents? You don’t know exactly who you are (beyond the personal definitions of name, profession etc…), you don’t know where you came from before coming to this world, you don’t know where are you going to after you die and you don’t know why you are here.

You have the power to create and to give birth to other human beings from within your own womb, you are standing on a spinning planet, hanging in the middle of space inside the infinity.

Does it seem normal to you?

And yet, most of us barely contemplate about these things throughout the day. Instead of living with magic as our companion we identify with the story that we tell ourselves about ourselves and about the world.

Instead of truly live most of us only exist. So tell me,

what would you choose?

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