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Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Tell me dear, are you happy? Do you love the way you live? Do you love the way you are? When was the last time you asked yourself- what can I do to make my life more harmonic?

How often do you find pleasure in life? Do you experience pleasure on a daily basis?

Not only in the sexual essence. Pleasure can be experienced by so many different ways like food, sounds, physical sensations or moments of bliss… How many moments of bliss do you experience in a day? Do you know the sentence "God lives in the small things" well, happiness lives within small moments of bliss, but if we are not tuned to see them, we might let them dissolve between our hands. Our mind is busy trying to find what is not working, what is not good enough. It is so important that we bring awareness to the good in our life. Never the less, if there is something that is making us miserable, we act, we change and we don't stay passive.

Are you afraid of change?

You see dear, I once was also afraid of change, but then I decided to rewrite the rules of the game, and this is the key word for you, GAME.

One of the greatest reasons of suffering is that people take life too seriously, and when we take life too seriously it is too scary to make a change.

But you see love; change is the only permanent thing in life. Think of nature around you, seasons change, the moon changes, the sun rises and sets, flowers bloom and then they die, people being borne and people die. Think of your own body, how through the whole month your hormones change, how your mood changes. Nothing stays still; there is always a movement, always a constant change.

So why shall you be afraid of change?

When you embrace the white witch, the wild woman that you are, you start to be friend of change, you stop resist to it, you agree to make changes in your life so it will be in tune with the desire of your soul.

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