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Hello to you beautiful soul.


Welcome to my website.

I am happy our paths crossed each other.
Maybe now, by choice or faith, it is the time for us to meet.
Maybe it is not just quite yet.

White which empowering women Yara wild femina. Women empowerment

My name is Yara and I am a white witch...

 But wait dear; don’t let

the word "witch" scare you away.

A witch is

every woman who knows

of her true power

and understands how to co-create with magic.

Within you also lays a white witch. all you have to do is wake her up.

Please know,

This life was made by you and

for you.

This is the essence of the greatest secret I have to tell.

Hopefully together we will explore this secret on all of it's layers and dimensions.

Hopefully we will awaken you, Dear wild woman.

I invite you to go through the pages of the website.

You will find touches of wisdom, lessons and also some practical tools to assist in your development

and in your pursuit for a more

whole and delightful life.

I bless you wild women.

I bless you great FEMINA.

I respect your strength, freedom and


Lean back, read with joy, it is all for you.


My dear sister, hear my voice,

For a secret I must impart,

Of the fire that burns within you,

And the power of your heart.
Do not be afraid of your fire
For it's your power and your light,
It's the passion that drives you,
And the love that guides you right.
For every witch that was burned at the stake
A thousand more rise in her wake
Their spirit lives on in us all
And their power, we recall
Rise up my sister rise
Let the world see the flames burning through your eyes
Sing your fire. Dance your fire, let it be
Passion to your life it will bring, you'll see
The flame is aiming to the sky, just like your soul
Awakening of the feminine power, this is our true goal.

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