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Everything is in waves, everything is in cycles.

Why did no one talk to us in high school and taught us this lesson:

Everything is in waves, everything is in cycles.

Life. Death. Reburn.

Everything in nature has to go through this equation.


Something rises, then it dies and goes back to earth - it decomposes into something new.

Of course, it’s easy to see it with objects from nature like flowers or mushrooms but the same thing is happening both in our physical body and in the non physical body (thoughts or emotions).

Every month, with our own lunar cycle- our body is getting ready for a baby, than bleeding- something dies, and then life - ready for a baby all over again.

We can see the waves also in the spiritual realm within us. We have to allow things to die so there will be room for the new. When we are in a wave of darkness and confusion, we are blind and we can't see the way or can’t hear the inner guidance- the intuition. Then, after an inner winter, we wake up, with the rising sun, and we start to bloom again, stronger, wiser than before, ready to live, to die and get reborn again.

When we know the cycles of nature we can say goodbye to so much suffering. When we know that it is winter now and it is time to slow down we don’t cry over the lack of fire, creativity and productivity. We know that after this death the spring will come and the seeds that were inside of us will bloom.

When we know the lunar cycle we are not surprised by our strong emotions when the moon is full. We know that we need to plant new seeds within us when the moon is new. When we know the cycle of our body we can allow our self to act as a storm in the days before we get our blood, and in the days of our blood we can stop the race, relax, let go. We know that in two weeks we will be ovulating, felling alive again.

There is a rhythm to all things in nature- There is life, death and than life again, all the time.

And we, as women, experiencing all of them. We better know these cycles, so when the time to die comes- we won’t struggle and resist, we will let go. And when the time to flourish comes- we will ride on the wave of life and blossom.

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